ELECTRIC CASTLE is the first festival in Romania that took electronic dance music and live concert sounds on a castle’s domain.

ELECTRIC CASTLE represents an idea, concept and event created and planned by BOILER EVENTS, the artistic force behind Boiler Club – Cluj-Napoca’s clubbing scene breakthrough.

Banffy Castle, the place where the festival is held, is situated near Cluj-Napoca and it’s the biggest castle in Transylvania. Formerly known as the Transylvanian Versailles, the Banffy castle of Bontida is one of the most beautiful historic buildings in the Carpathian basin.

24 acres, 6 buildings: castle, stables, chapel, flour mill. The castle saw them all and in it’s hundred of years filled with history it went from former aristocratic residence to military hospital, drivers’ school, children hospital and historical monument under the Royal House’s auspice.

Alongside BOOHA COLLEGE, BOOHA BAR, AMERICAN EXPERIENCE we will make sure that this innovative music festival will shake up the way people interact with music.